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Thread: You have to laugh..."WE MAY HAVE UNDERPRICED THIS GUN..."

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    You have to laugh..."WE MAY HAVE UNDERPRICED THIS GUN..."

    Wilkes, John 12 gauge Best Boxlock Side by Side Second Hand for sale. Buy for 2,495.

    Yeah. Right. 30" barrels, with 2 1/2" chambers, that have NO CHOKE and a UNDER 14 1/2" stock with a buttplate and in a nondescript case with no maker's label. So, probably, the case maybe not original to the gun.

    You have to admire the optimists in this world. "WE ARE STARTING TO THINK WE MAY HAVE UNDERPRICED THIS GUN"

    Or am I missing something? Now Wilkes was a good maker...I actually went in when it was still a gunmaker and the last Wilkes was still alive. But... 2,495? Seriously?
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    I'd buy it over a two and a half grand new gun any day.

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    hold on

    ill just pop out and buy it for a door stop.

    under-priced my Rs.

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    Not sure what you'd use it for. With open chokes it'd be ideal for barn doors I suppose. Other than that, it looks a reasonable gun, but not an ejector and the wood is nothing spectacular. No doubt it's a top quality boxlock because it has a cartouche on the stock! Someone might have a use for it, but I would venture to say your average AYA Yeoman would be more useful at a fifth of the price or less.

    You've got to love an optimist.

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    Those two magic words: Harry Kell.

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    My game gun is improved and improved but, as PEDRO said, cylinder and cylinder is not a good choke particularly with 2 1/2" chambers...even for driven game the pattern is never as regular as an improved cylinder or 1/8th choke.

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    From the pictures it really doesn't impress too much, however the engraving will push the price up.

    As a matter of passing interest one of the best game guns I ever had was a beautiful Charles Lancaster hammer gun that was bored true and true cylinder. I'm not saying it would win prizes at the high tower today but it dropped driven birds better than and gun I have owned since. The pattern it threw was almost perfect.

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