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    Anyone any advice about setting a routine for feeding a dog please?
    Ive decided to get a lab pup in the near future and have opted to buy a crate to train the dog when I buy it. The dog will then either be kept in the utility room or will be kenelled at a later date.
    I have arranged for the nieghbours to come round and let the dog out for a pee when Im not there and check on it also.
    They also said they will feed the dog when Im at work too.
    Is this the best option or should i do as a friend said and not to get too fixated with an eating regime and let the dog have a good supply of dry food in order it can browse through the day so to speak then it doesnt get dependant on others?

    What are your thoughts on this please.


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    I'm sure others will have more experience than me with Labs but I'm pretty sure they are gorgers and will just eat any food that is left down, rather than eating a bit and leaving the rest. Generally speaking, a pup should be fed 2-3 times a day at 8 weeks old, slowly removing the middle meal and then reducing the morning meal until they are just fed once a day in the evening by the age of about 6 months. This will depend on whether you are also using food as a treat for training during the day.

    Of course, it may be different for working dogs, and I'm sure that someone more knowlegeable will come along soon...


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    Given that Labs inhale their food I would say it is a big mistake to give a lab constant access to food. I always say to feed first thing in the morning and then a second feed before 6 o'clock at night that way the pup has time to empty its self before bed time.


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    Pippa is quite right with regard to labs,or for that matter any pup.However Labs in particular left to their own devices for feeding is not a good idea, they are canine dust bins and will soon show how well they are looked after! Take up the kind offer of your neighbour and make sure they get something nice for Xmas.

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    Thats as I thought as any labs ive seen have been food hoovers!

    Thanks for your comments

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    I feed my dogs Ad lib. They always have food in there bowls. They never fight over food plus they never get fat. I don't know why i feed them like that but i allways have.

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    Jist to be the exception to the rule my lab was a right pain, jist go off his food for no reason he once went 3 days hardly eating, i was leaving it 5-10 mins then took it away wouldn't touch it. Ended up jist feeding ad lib so he always had food always looked well enough. i got him at 9 month he was used to eating in a kennel with about 12 other dogs and used to fighting for his food, since i got my spaniel in the kennel he's wolfing it down. Needed the competition. All dogs are different u've jist got to do wot suits u and the dogs best.

    For pups u really want small meals often(3 or even 4 times a day depending on age), i would reccommend u buy the proper puppy food to give them all the nutrients and protein they need to develop. Plenty off folk will say normal food is fine thou. That lab was feed nothing but raw tripe from a pup(not really best practice nowadys) but was in great nick, tripe very good for the coat.

    i now feed my dogs 2 times a day morn and nite and vary the time at nite to avoid them gettin into a routine. it seems to suit them best. Feeding adults once a day is probably the most common, i know a trainer who only feeds them 6 days a week and starves them 1 day a week. Meant to be as in the wild would'nt eat every day and cleans there bowels right out,i used to do that with my ferrets for same reason. duno if it makes any difference thou.

    Every trainer/dog owner will have there own ideas for feeding and none are really right or wrong.
    ask the breeder u get pup from and ur vet and u wont go far wrong

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