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Thread: Favourite Time Of Year To Stalk?

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    Favourite Time Of Year To Stalk?

    What' all your guys favourite time of the year to stalk? I love being out at all times, but for me my favourite time is right in the middle of the Red Rut. Hearing beasts roaring all around me is, without doubt, my favourite sound ever, and getting in close to one of these magnificent animals doing his thing is simply breath taking. I don't mind one little bit if we come back empty handed, just to be in the outdoors, hearing the roars and seeing the deer is down right incredible. Most days in the rut when I'm out its just me, no rifle, just binoculars, and I spend all day up in the glens looking at the deer.

    Fire Away

    Atb, Euan

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    Mine would be the start of the roe buck rut, and very first thing in the morning, love getting there to see the sun rise and try to call a young buck or 2 in. And as you say, it's just good to watch the deer, and not always shot them, plus it's a good time to catch up with the Fox cubs aswell.

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    January and February, nothing beats a crisp but sunny winter morning on the does

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    Like you Euan i love being out all year, and have worked with game and deer for fourty years now and am lucky enough to have Red Roe and Fallow on the patch so have three ruts to look forward to every year and agree its a very exiting time of year, i also like the short days of dec/jan when the cover is right back and hinds and does are the quarry, Then April/May Roebucks, but every year seems to pass so quickly now, good hunting, W.S.
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    For me , it's October . The Aspens have turned gold , the air smells like fall and the Moose are in full rut . It doesn't get any better , but hunting White Tails in the snow in November comes close . The world is white and it's so quiet , it's like you're the only living thing out there , until a big buck ghosts out of the trees like magic . It's a very spiritual thing . I'm sure most of you know what I mean . It doesn't matter where or what you hunt , there are certain times of the year that have a special quality all their own .


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    I have always enjoyed the early rut on Sika and Red's in Scotland. This year will be my 30th year in the highlands without fail.

    An early morning with a slight frost and the smell of the old pines in the Old Caledonian Forest with Sika calling, and Reds roaring on the surrounding hills is one of the best experiences a stalker can have in my book.

    On the other hand a warm summer morning and a good mature Roe buck standing in a field of golden wheat is another sight that lifts the heart.

    That's why we do it gentlemen, not for the killing but the being there and the memories.
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    Crisp clear winter day, is sometimes hard to beat. Spring Roebuck is also a magical time of the year. As for a downside, I like the summer Roebuck, and it is a magical time of the year (almost) but still windless days in the forest absolutely hanging in midges is not!! The best. ;-)


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    All of the above, but I have to qualify it with only being an occasional stalker, (money & time constraints).. Just getting in the motor & pointing it towards the grounds & not knowing what the day will bring has it's attractions too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by srvet View Post
    January and February, nothing beats a crisp but sunny winter morning on the does

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    A warm and sunny afternoon in May. Shoot a Roe buck, deal with the gralloch and carcass in the lovely warm sunshine, and be back home in time for a G&T before dinner.
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