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Thread: HWV breeders in the south

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    HWV breeders in the south

    Hi all,
    I've been working on the Mrs about getting another dog. So hopefully won't be too much longer before I'm in the market for a new pup.
    Are there any breeders of Hungarian Wirehaired Viszla's in the south? The only ones I can find aren't hunting lines. I would be prepared to travel for the right pup, but if there are some working breeders fairly close even better.

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    Look up details for Clint Coventry he is based just south of Horsham, Sussex

    I have a dog of his and he is proving to be an excellent finder/hunter of bird and deer.

    Clint Coventry and Anita Scott Shipley, UK RH138PB England 01403-741-050

    Just looked his details up i think he has a litter planned soon
    ATB Andy

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    +1 for Clint he has got good HWV.

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    Thanks for the help fella's, not too far at all.

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