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Thread: Drug Smugglers executed in Indonesia

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    Drug Smugglers executed in Indonesia

    What's the SD massive opinion on this? Should they have been executed?

    Indonesia executions: Australia recalls ambassador - BBC News

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    My faith in the value of capital punishment and deterrent was long ago undermined.

    By my belief that there are, still, bent coppers who will fit up suspects, judges that are biased, juries that can be perverse (too easily persuaded by glib tongued lawyers or just because of inept defence counsel not presenting them with facts vital to the case).

    And a biased press presenting only the lurid facts best calculated to sell copy rather than serve the best values of balance journalism.

    That is my input. Why?

    As a student at Leeds University 1976-1979 I saw it all...sat in the public gallery as a spectator...with friends who were law students as Stefan Kiszko was victim of all the above at his trial for the murder of Lesley Moleseed.

    The "fair trial" we were witnessing? Google his name.
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    I remember that case well. Even after the facts came out the police concerned lived in well cushioned retirement. One of those cases that destroys your faith in the police.

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    Drugs are bad news any where and im guessing the knew the consequences.

    if it was an immigrent over here who did a crime (not particualy smuggling) for arguments sake we would be saying he should take the penalty as we would in this country
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    Attention could be drawn to the case of Derek Bentley, with regards to death penalty? When he was supposed to have uttered "Let him have it", did he mean to give the officer the weapon .. or the bullet?

    The drug smugglers may or may not have been unwilling or unknowing mules?
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    Strikes me that the two Aussies were well known and long term traffickers rather than one off mules in for a quick buck.
    I am not defending crooked cops and by nature of the location that is a given I am afraid but you don't get banged up as a ringleader of a gang of 9 traffickers on a technicality

    I am sorry but whether you disagree with the death penalty or not, Indonesia has a very clear policy on this and when travelling through Indonesia/Malaysia and the rest of Asia 96-99 as a backpacker (prime target) my bag never left my sight. I checked it constantly and had ties on all zips.

    I value my life and don't trust those in power in Asian governments and Police forces to look after it

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    I think the death penalty to be a good thing, as spud said, they probably new the consequences before doing it, and as the old saying goes, play with fire you will eventually get burnt. but that said, you still have to be sure that they are guilty and not fitted up! i believe we are to soft in this country and could learn from other country's like Indonesia and Thailand. It would make a lot of people think twice before they go do something.

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    One thing is certain they will not reoffend

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    I really cannot agree with the death penalty as I do not think that the state should ever have the right to take another mans life. Yes prison for offenders - there needs to be a deterrent, but I am sorry I cannot support judicial executions and farce of all the appeals etc.

    i am not comfortable with heavily armed police and the increasing deployment of Swat teams etc. yes there are occasions when lethal force has to be used to prevent loss of innocent life, but this should be a last resort rather than a standard tactic.

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    I have no sympathy for them whatsoever. Illegal drugs are a foul scourge on ALL societies, and those who peddle them are only a step removed from the dealers themselves, in my opinion. I wonder how many lives are actually going to be saved by the deaths of these criminals? It's just a disgrace that they'll be so easily replaced by other greedy and immoral fools after a fast buck, while those responsible for perpetuating the trade at the very top are largely beyond reach
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