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Thread: Broods of Ducklings

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    Broods of Ducklings

    I was some what surprised to see on Sunday three broods of mallard ducklings on the lake in our local park, each had 6, two looked quite old but one was only a couple of days old. My mates Moorhens hatched last week and all were dead on Sunday they obviously did not survive the hard overnight frosts. I saw lots of paired up Pheasants in Devon last week but the Mallard broods do seem a little early.


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    Seen broods as early as end of March. If you have kites in your area and the ducklings leave the water watch how quick they make a meal of them. it happens here every year.
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    We had a brood of 9 appear in our garden last Friday, 24th April, spotted them again yesterday with only 3 remaining.

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    young fledgling starlings in ours yesterday now its hailstoneing mixed with sleet!

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    A few days of fine, warm weather followed by the cold, wet snap has done no favours.

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