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Thread: Tikka T3 243 Advise Please

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    Tikka T3 243 Advise Please

    A little advise please....
    I have just got a new T3 in 243, I was over the moon with it shooting great groups with both 55grain ballistics tips, and 100grain privi soft points. Both achieveing the same zero.
    However having just bought a new batch of privi 243 soft points in 100grain, the bolt does not close as easily as i would like, i have to supply significant pressure to close it.
    As I achieve the same zero i am reluctant to move away from the privi, as it is really handy having a set up that is great for both foxing and stalking.
    I have tried cleaning the throat and barrel to remove any carbon deposits, but to no avail.

    Is it safe to continue using the privi? Or should I just bite the bullet (excuse the pun) and try some other brands?



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    Hi James,

    Can't answer the question with regard to the new batch privi, although it sounds as though the new batch are slightly longer seated?

    If it helps; with my Tikka T3 Super varmint I shoot 58gr Hornady VMax and 100g Sako Gameheads and they have as near as makes no difference the same zero @ 100yrds.

    Best Regards

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    It's perfectly safe to continue with the prvi as long as you can close the bolt. Put a bit of grease on the bolt lugs and it will make it easier to close the bolt.

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