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Thread: AICS 17HMR Anglo/German/Shed in Dorset project

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    AICS 17HMR Anglo/German/Shed in Dorset project

    Got my Licence a couple months back and first Slot filled was for a 17HMR
    Original plan was cheapish second hand CZ
    some months before i had found and bought a set of second hand Accuracy International Stock skins on here
    found a few builds dropping various Rimfires into Airsoft AI rifles

    Skins by a CZ455

    I decided to Make a Chassis my self as it looked easier in a lot of ways than adapting an airsoft chassis

    Quickly found that although i could buy AI spares for the Butt pad cheek piece and folding hinge they are ridiculously expensive (Hinge was 300 = $455)
    So back to airsoft as i can buy parts fine a new set of bits from China ARES who make the AI approved Airsoft version and is accurate so is interchangeable etc

    here are the Airsoft parts all delivered under 100 (could make the box section as well but its cheap to get with the rest and no real difference in the end )

    AI being a british company back in the 80's and being a design engineer myself was easye nough to understand how they though so the AI chassis is based on basic 1" and 1.25" 10swg wall aluminium Tube easy enough to get lengths on eBay
    1st assy (no hinge etc yet)

    then measured up and put into CAD

    Airsoft parts arrived

    Still hadnt HAd my Fire arm licence approved then so kept adding to the CAD and changing a few things.
    By now i had Decided ot get an Anschultz 1517 and the shorter 14" barrel
    this made the Rifle fall under the Min over all length of 600mm with the folded stock so I extended the Chassis fwds of the barrel now all legal again and looks fine with the Reflex Moderator

    would bb fine with a Fixed stock or a min barrel length of 15" for the folder

    Finally got my Ticket in Feb abd bought my Anny

    Shot it std for a while as i didn't have time to finish the in letting yet

    Also Modified the 4rnd mag to take 5 rounds :bthumb::AR15firin

    a Quick vid on the std rifle (including how I modded the mag for 5 rnds )

    Finally last week got the Whole package together (well will retinker as and when )


    and fitted with my DIY Night vision with Wireless Video Goggles

    Finally i tried to do a over view Vid but the wind was to bad and drowned out hte Talking so i chopped it to a slide and clip show till i can do it again

    and found 5 other Vids of other AI airsoft builds for a playlist

    and it works Superbly with a magpul Gen4 sling etc

    very stable and well balanced as a bit extra weight helps here

    thanks for looking
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    Looks great !
    Well done ..

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    Out of intestinal what stock did you buy and where from

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    Quote Originally Posted by adrian0100 View Post
    Out of intestinal what stock did you buy and where from

    well as per the thread

    the AICS skins I bought second hand on here in the For sale forum last year (you can buy them new from various retailers as an AI spare )

    or you could buy the Airsoft skins with the other parts its the older style they all fit

    the Air soft parts i bought direct from ARES China who make the Approved by AI version ARES Airsoft - Home
    ARES AW-338 Sniper Rifle (CNC Version, OD)

    the Alu box section i bought as a 1m length of Ebay

    or you could buy a AIrsoft AI AW for all the bits and got from there

    as this build does

    CZ455 Varmint into AICS airsoft stock - Long Range Hunting Online Magazine

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    that is cool that pal.nice job.

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    He that strikes the venison first shall be the lord o' the feast. Shakespeare, King Lear.

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