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Thread: Scallop Ranching in NW Highlands

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    Scallop Ranching in NW Highlands

    Hi Folks,

    Some of you who know me are aware when not crawling around on a soggy hillside I am involved with a project to kick start a new industry in both Scotland and the UK, Scallop Ranching.

    For those of you who don't know Wild King Scallops like many marine species are in decline from overfishing and as a Scallop diver I have seen this first hand. I now work alongside like minded individuals with the mindset of creating a 100% sustainable King Scallop fishery by using Scallop Ranching rather than continuing to fish the wild stocks.

    We have been running for 5 years now and have completed commercial scale trials, however we are a small team and now require investment and as such we have entered into a competition run by Sir Richard Branson called "Pitch to Rich" for funding and business advice. To progress in the competition we need votes on their website, if you could please spare a coupe of minutes to vote for us on the link below it would mean the world to us as every vote brings us closer to realising our dream of creating a sustainable Scallop fishery.

    There is a short video with more details of how the whole operation works on the link below where you can vote for our Pitch. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to post or PM me

    Scot-Hatch Limited #pitchtorich #VOOM

    Thank you for your time,


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    Well done on this initiative - vote cast accordingly. Much happier to see this than more farmed salmon

    Crowdsourcing might be another avenue to consider?
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    Just voted
    Scallops , king of sea food , nowt better & such memories of pulling em hand dived out the water at ardnamuchan ...dry suit round waist , mug of tea & garlic butter seared scallops & black pudding & bacon.....

    I need to get some diving gear again!


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    That's fantastic, and I love the logo with the stork bringing baby scallops too.

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    ....another vote cast by me. Good luck.
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    Another from Sunny Devon.

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    I don't eat scallops or any other sea food for that matter, due to severe allergic reaction, however this enterprise
    gets my vote, having seen the damage caused to the seabed by scallop dredgers,an environmentally friendly
    enterprise such as this can only be a good thing.

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    Portuguese seed rock oysters have been successfully 'grown' on the Southern East coast very successfully and sustainably for a good few decades - great to see local strain of Scallops being used in Scotland - shame they have to be flown to Bergen though - hopefully you will get sufficient funding and local jobs could then be created. Vote cast

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