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Thread: My first night vision outing.

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    My first night vision outing.

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    Nice vid - my finger was twitching all the while you were reloading the mag! Has made me somewhat happier about having to sit out tonight and wait for Mr Reynard who everso kindly visited our chickens yesterday...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaothead View Post
    Nice job, what kit?
    It's a "homemade eBay special"!

    Not built by me- I looked at doing a self-build but given the time and effort, 160 (not including T67 IR torch nor recorder) seemed like better value. It's based on a Sony board cam with the IR filter removed. Only one wire- tidy set up (wire from eyepiece camera to screen/battery unit combo. No idea how waterproof or recoil proof it is.

    I can swap between .223, .22, .17HMR quickly and easily (I had spare Warne QD rings for mounting). Main disadvantage is that the screen puts light on your face; it seems really bright and clear in the darkness but often seems dark on the video.

    I got some good footage of badgers with it the other day.

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    Nice video, and good shooting.

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