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Thread: Left Handed .243

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    Left Handed .243

    I've just received the go-ahead for a .243 and am hoping to get a gun on the cabinet ASAP. I'm looking for the following:

    Caliber: .243
    Orientation: Left handed
    Preferable models: Remington 700
    Preferable attributes: Includes scope and mod

    These are my ideal criteria, but I'm open to pretty much any lefty 243. Drop me a line if you have something I might be interested in.



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    Hi yukonT
    PM inbound

    all the best


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    Hi Yukon T
    There is a chap in my shooting club has a Remmie 700 full left handed with wood stock. 170 rounds only.
    He's looking for 500.
    Cheers Steve

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