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Thread: Sako 75 .300 win mag stainless synthetic

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    Sako 75 .300 win mag stainless synthetic

    Very very rare sako 75 stainless synthetic .300 mag.

    Good condition. Screw cut 1/2 unf.

    Drilled and tapped for NEAR picatinney rail. Rail included.

    Also included are the correct optilock bases for this length action.



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    Drilling and tapping done by Neil Mckillop I.e. Neil's usual excellent standard.

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    Hi Zaitsev,

    can you post some picks please

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    Would also like to see some pictures pse.

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    Slight price adjustment to a flat 1000. BTW there has been some interest in the round count. The rifle was rebarreled using a take off barrel from Steve Beatty at Ivythorn sporting. Steve had just rebarrled his rifle to .416 and taken off the .300. Being a gent Steve sent the barrel on approval having borescoped it himself. I then borescoped it and it was in excellent condition. Nice and crisp with everything as it should be. The rifles were identical and as luck would have it the headspace was correct when the barrel was fitted. Effectively then a factory rebarrel. Since then it's had load development and a few rounds in the field. Total about 80 I should think. Lots and lots of life in this rifle.

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    Have you shot it?
    Any accuracy/load details?

    does it eject cleanly with the rail in place?

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    Do you want to buy it? If so pm me.

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    Is this still for sale?

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