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Thread: All round UK calibre?

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    All round UK calibre?

    Hi all,

    As the title suggests im looking for a good all round calibre for uk stalking, Only for roe and above though. I need something that is boar legal as I would like to boar hunt at some point. Not keen on a .308 as its trajectory and energy retention doesnt seem great.

    Was thinking maybe .270 or 7mm-08? Had thought of 7mm rem mag but decided thats probably overkill as I dont want unnecessary recoil for my everyday stalking rifle.

    I know im asking for the holy grail here to be fair but I would be interested to see everyones input

    Thanks in advance

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    One of the 6.5's or small 7mm's is perfectly for the UK stalker.

    Boar do challenge that a little, a 270 really is entry level for boar, and I would prefer a 30/06 for them.

    Where do you compromise, shoot a load of small deer with a 270 so you have a boar rifle to use once a year?

    The correct solution is a Blaser (or other swap barrel) with 6.5 and 30/06 barrels - if funds allow...

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    thanks dabbler,

    I should add that im in the rare position where I have some land with big red and roe cohabitting.... So ideally I would like something big and powerful enough to take the red but at the same time i would also like to be able to shoot the roe without too much meat damage. I may aswell ask for a ferrari and a mansion aswell but I thought others input would be helpful as im not really sure as havnt dealt with varying calibres and pros and cons much yet. Even wildcat isnt too much of an issue though as i would like to home load soon.

    Stealthy, like a giraffe on roller-skates....

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    as above, I would go for a .270/30-06. I love my .270, does everything from foxing to the occasional Red that might wonder on my permission.

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    Either the .270 or the 7mm-08 would do. I chose the 7mm-08 partly because it's perfect for everything in the UK and at a push would be OK for the odd boar in France, even if not ideal for that. Also I wanted a stutzen specifically and the 7mm-08 is great in short barrels. But if that's not a requirement, why not consider the 7x64 which is so popular on the continent and used across the board for just about everything?

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    7x64 is so similar to the .270, I wanted the 7x64 but found it a lot more expensive to buy and to find the components to reload, but would choose 7x64 over .270

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    Yes, they're very similar, but you can use a much wider range of bullets in the 7x64. It's just really, really versatile I think.

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    Would you notice the difference in the field and I should imagine 308 you can buy anywhere and go up to 220 grain bullets with the right twist there is a lot of crap talked about 308 loopy trajectory

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    I think I would go 30-06 if I could only have one rifle to do all that you have described, but really you are looking at two different calibres in the ideal world.

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    I have shot out my 270 foxes to big reds to kudu and warthogs, my 30-06 is taking its place that's done all the African plains game roe to big Reds. The 270 is a little flater but at reasonable distances not a lot to choose between the two.

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