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    Hello fellow stalkers,

    have at last a spare few minutes to do a introduction.
    I am a gamekeeper on a estate in befordshire and have been here for 25 years,i also own a pest control company with 3 full time employees.

    We have stalkers from all over the uk and abroad especially for muntjac and some cwd.Pride ourselves on the proper stalking experience so we rarely use high seats.Most of our clients come by recommendation so this makes it a lot easier.

    Altough i shoot,stalk all over the country and abroad i get great pleasure in taking people out stalking.However i have little time for those who just want to shoot something and have no respect for the quarry or its surroundings.

    Love working my dogs[lab,cocker and alsations] also flyfish,play cricket,football[slower than i was!]and snow and waterski.

    Work hard,play hard

    Good luck in all your stalking and if anybody has any queries on muntjac,pest control or whatever i am more than happy to give out free and honest advice.


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    Hi Jason

    When do you get chance to get any sleep?


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    I have a very understanding other half which helps!One thing for sure i.m never bored or have nothing to do.

    kind regards

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    It could just be the reason she's so understanding is she never sees you for long enough to get annoyed

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