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Thread: Chinese water deer (Suffolk)

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    Chinese water deer (Suffolk)

    A friend of mine who gets called out by the police to sort our road injured deer has in the last two years had to despatch two Chinese water deer, one close to Levington Suffolk and one close to the Orwell bridge Suffolk.
    My question is do anyone have a list or even better a up to date map of where these deer are located in Suffolk? I manage deer on the banks of the River Orwell and have never seen Chinese water deer in the area at all.

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    Dont BASC have a map showing deer locations? Not sure if its up to date though.

    I had CWD turn up on one of my patches this year in Suffolk.

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    Yes I have looked at them but the latest I can find is from 2007-2011.

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    John, they are definitely moving South from the Norfolk Broads area, but seem to be making best advance along the East coast. That said, we are now getting them turn up all over Suffolk. Your old estate manager even had one in his pond in last year! You'll know me from shooting a few deer on the estate and in the school a couple of years ago!

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    Yes thanks Mike, so I reckon the road injured deer were on the move to find new grounds and never made it. Wish we could educate some people that we won't stop them getting onto the estate here, seems that whatever we get arrive will be the fault of Deer Managment and not of others stopping them getting this far. Anyway good luck to the deer but if they come here we kill them, and not help them stay, I know they taste good��

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    I know someone who shot one over Nacton side of town

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    I know it's not in the UK (Korean Demilitarized Zone) but it is interesting, seeing water deer feeding while swimming!
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    Hmm, they'll do well round here if they like swimming in the cut

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    same here if they like the taste of tarmac,

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    Yes, don't think we need high seats for these, anyone got a punt for sale.

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