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Thread: Game bird preparation costs

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    Game bird preparation costs


    Does anyone pay for their game birds to be prepared and delivered back to the shoot? If so what price do you pay?

    Many thanks


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    I don’t know about costings but one thing to check on is the quality of the returned product. I used to have to prepare oven ready birds for the guns and family and they had to be perfect. There is no way that I could have given game dealer prepared birds to the guns. I doubt if any game dealers pull sinews anymore which is essential for top quality OR birds. I used to reject about 30% of pheasants to achieve this standard, less with partridges and grouse. A proportion of these rejected birds could still be breasted off so not a total loss.

    To be honest I'm surprised that most game dealers get away with selling some of the birds, if they were subjected to the same standards as a poultry processer then a very very high proportion would have to be rejected.

    Sorry, didn't answer your question just made some random statements, must have seen too many election interviews!

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