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Thread: Swarovski Scopes with BT new turret rings available

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    Swarovski Scopes with BT new turret rings available

    Just seen this and thought that for those that have a Swarovski scope with BT this could be of interest.

    Fit both Z5 and Z6 BT models.

    ZnikiZ | Ballistic Turret rings for Swarovski Z6(i) and Z5

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    Thanks for the link, could be useful..

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    Looks good! Far cheaper than the PBC thing from swarovski

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    Not long received my PBC from Macleods. Took a fortnight and well worth the cost and the wait.
    Don't have a pc/laptop,so Toby kindly input all the data for me. Top chaps at Macleods.

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    Thanks for link Tam, ordered a set on Friday, will keep you posted!

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    I have the PBC, but would certainly have considered this option it been available at the time. Plus too it will be my option if I change ammo or switch rifle.


    out of interest how much was it all in posted in ?.

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    I like the look of those. Suprised Swarovski didn't come up with the idea themselves. The 50m increments would be a bit too inexact at longer distances but if you bought the 10 ring model you could use the three triangles to indicate say 225, 275 and 325.

    Anyone know the total cost of the ten ring pack for a Z6i 3-18x50 please? The website wasn't really working on my mobile.

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    Hi Glynn,
    84euro including postage!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulM View Post
    Hi Glynn,
    84euro including postage!
    Great, thanks. Thats about 62 if I've worked it out correctly. I think that I will get a set.

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