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Thread: kestrel 4500 with Applied Ballistics and Kestrel weather vane.

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    kestrel 4500 with Applied Ballistics and Kestrel weather vane.

    Hiya fellas,

    Just a quick video of some of the kit I use in the filed to help aid wind calls in terms of wind speed, direction and correction. I use the Bluetooth set up so the data from my kestrel gets sent direct to my phones ballistic app,(Strelok Pro an Applied Ballistics, Kestrel companion) at the prone shooting position for quick ease of access. All the important data, temp, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction is all transferred to my ballistic app on the phone in the shooting potions to input the relevant correction on the scope to make the shot. This is a fantastic way to keep you eye on the wind speed and direction right to the moment you send the shot.
    Tape, grass etc can be used but to no where new the same accurate, effect and consistency as this set up. Although it does not give you the info of what the wind is doing down range, it gives you a far better idea then without this set up. Well worth it guys.

    Hope you enjoyed the read and the video guys?

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    Where did you get it from and cost ?...cheers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elio View Post
    Where did you get it from and cost ?...cheers

    Hiya mate,

    I bought it from Kestrel Hand Held Wind and Weather Meters - Accurate Environmental Monitors that Fit in a Pocket | Richard Paul Russell. Great service and great people to do deal with.


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