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Thread: Quad sticks

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    Quad sticks

    Looking for a set of quad sticks, thought I would ask here before sourcing a new set, PM with details and price please. Thanks.

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    pm tony limulus on here,doug,,,, be patient hes at work,
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    Quote Originally Posted by AN DU RU FOX View Post
    pm tony limulus on here,doug,,,, be patient hes at work,

    First of all let me say i have no connection other than a recent purchase from Limulus (Tony).
    I have read loads and loads of reviews of all sorts of sticks and purchased on sight alone and maybe a few reviews i would suggest Try before you buy But after all the reviews from Stalking Directory about Tonys sticks then you are basically reading reviews from the ones that are using them and not from people possibly paid by money or free products gifted to them.
    I Have tried loads of different sticks from single, double, Triple and just purchased a set of Quads from Limulus- Tony and have found them perfect for all sorts of excursions and as they where made specifically for my height and handiness then you cannot go wrong.
    What i would say is to also purchase the protective plastic tube as its brilliant.

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    I purchased a pair of quad sticks from Tony and have to say I was amazed at just how steady they are. I had tried several other well known brands before including add on bits for them and whilst they helped they never gave me the rock steady position i get from using Tonys

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    I have a set from Limulus.

    They are rock solid and a good investment.

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    i also have a set from Tony and get on well with them, my stalking partner commented whilst carrying them for me (well its was either the sticks or the roe), how much better they were then the metal ones on your hands on a cold morning being wood and also if they tapped into a tree it wasn't an unnatural sound

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicowilson View Post
    I have a set from Limulus.

    They are rock solid and a good investment.

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