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Thread: Import License

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    Import License


    I am getting my Firearms License and would like to import my 6.5-284 from the States. The firearms officer said that I need an import license. How does that work? Where do I apply for one and how much is it going to set me back? Does this allow me to just bring my rifle back to the UK on the plane?

    I am have both British and American passport, if that makes a difference.

    Thanks for help,


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    Your firearms licence act as your import licence as long as you have the slot on your FAC just bring it back on the plane I brought one back from Chicago no problems give me a ring.Pm sent
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    See what you can pick out of this Sidewinder
    I'm sure that there is some relevant information in there somewhere, but as Geodieh says if you already own the rifle in the U.S. and you have a slot on your FAC in this country it should be quite simple to just bring it back with you on the plane.
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    Firearms specific import licence: how to apply - Publications - GOV.UK
    before you start the online process email here first you then get authorisation and then you proceed with the application, atb wayne ps only ever done it through europe but I am sure they will explain it all
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    For the personal importation of a firearm that is either already on your FAC or you have authority to purchase or possess i.e a vacant 'slot', there is no need for a specific import licence. This is applicable to imports from within the EU and outwith.

    The procedure is slightly different in both cases as to documentation that must accompany the firearm if it's an EU transfer but it's all dealt with in this document:

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    Contact they offer an excellent and quick service.
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    Thank you all for all the help!!

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    You apply to HMRC for an import licence which is readily given. the firearm will be collected from the importation or transfer port of entry on production of an FAC with a valid entry and the production of the copy of the e-mail the HMRC send to you confirming eligibility.
    The only problem you will have is getting someone in the states to sell you one and send it over. I went through this process to import a .17 hornet. The process this side of the pond was superb - all credit to HMRC, sadly no-one would play in the States. Good luck.
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    I've looked into this in the past.
    Firstly, as has been said, you don't need an import license. Your FAC is all you need. You only need an import license if it's a business.

    Secondly, have you looked into the export stuff you'll need from the States? Very expensive!
    You're looking at $350 for the export license. This could take a while to acquire depending on the State Department. On top of that, the shipping agent will charge a small fortune. When I was looking at it it varies from $550-650.

    That puts you at $900-1000 on top of the price of the rifle. Since it's coming from outside the EU you'll get charged VAT and possibly import duties (never got that confirmed).

    Its still worthwhile to get something not available here but price wise you may not save that much.
    I guess that's only important if that was your aim.
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