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Thread: kawasaki klf problem

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    kawasaki klf problem

    Let a younger member of the family have a play on my klf 300 who didn't realise about changing gear and raked the guts out of it in first gear, was running ok after but I noticed that petrol was coming straight through the carb and out the bottom of the air filter box. Ordered a carb kit which I fitted but still the same things happening even without starting it any fuel in the tank just leaks straight through the carb out the air filter. Inside the top of the carb is a vacumn valve diaphragm washer and spring but they don't come with the re-furb kit they are available seperatly but are very expensive, any one have any ideas as I don't want to spend money where not required.

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    Float valve stuck, or float height wrong (too high).
    Check that the float does actually float.


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    Maybe google how to set float height, check for an obstruction stopping the needle seating correctly. A worn needle will have a groove all the way around. If you hold the Carby upside down and lightly blow air through the fuel hose( use your mouth and a new bit of fuel line) you can check it while it's on the bench

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    I had a float fill with fuel recently and it would not float. Had the very same symptoms as you. Only i seen an air bubble in the float i would still be cursing it.

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    To check for a leaky float take it out and put it in warm / hot water, check for air bubbles. The hot water expands the air and cause it to bubble out.
    Only as hot as you can put a hand in.

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    Check for parts diagrams.
    You float needle assembly.
    Clean the seat with a cotton bud and cellulose thinners
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