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    , Mrs went to collect a parcel addressed to me, as we were out yesterday the postie left that bit of red & white card, girl behind counter says "Sorry, you have no ID with you for Mr Finnbear", so she carries on out to work, Mrs rings me & lets me know, so I ask her for the reference info off the card, I then go to post office & present my passport and the reference details, girl behind counter says "Sorry, you don't have the card with you, I am not allowed to let you have your parcel without it" .............. How the ~*"+ would I be in possession of the reference number if the thing wasn't intended for me?
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    Dear Finnbear

    So sadly typical of the attitude that prevails across so many sectors in the UK. Un-helpful jobsworths. One of the many reason I no longer work in the UK.

    Worryingly these idiots are not only allowed to vote, they are allowed breed as well !

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    I get these cards quite often and it clearly states on the cards, that I get, to not only produce the card but also some form of ID and I don't find that very difficult - even at my age.
    I would not be too pleased if I turned up to collect my package and find somebody else of the same name had collected it by bluffing that they had left the card behind or even worse still had obtained the card ref No by some deviouse means.
    In this day and age, unfortunately, there are so many clever con men about I'm glad there are some people that take their job seriously, after all she was only looking after your interests.
    As for you Ade, I reckon you either gave in too easily or the money was better over there, I suspect the latter

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    A needless rant in my opinion as the counter staff have to scan the barcode to prove it has been delivered and signed for. Systems are in place to prevent fraud and theft.

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    Well Well Well, All this tosh about doing the job this way or that,..... So why have we just been out front & found the Feck*n parcel left unattended unsigned for ??????????????????? Wa***rs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    No such problems in North Wales, if we're out the postie signs for the parcel and leaves it in a secure place to save us the 15 mile round trip to the collection office.

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    Just to really piss you off, I have just been to the post office to collect a parcel with the aforementioned red card and they handed it over without any request for additional ID at all. Consistent they are not.
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    I live in a village. I also nowadays have all this too. It is NOT that they don't know you but that they now have to follow the set procedures since Royal Mail was privatised I am guessing.

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    I sent some small machine parts with Royal Mail last Monday in a Jiffy bag first class they arrived 40mls away on Thursday, the bag was ripped open luckily I had double bagged them or they would have been lost,
    The post did send it in a bag with an appology but how the hell do you rip a taped jiffy bag, I think someone was trying to see what was in it.
    So first class delivery ? 4 days and damaged how is that a good service.
    Rant Over

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    I sent a air rifle sight to J Knibbs in two bags and they had both been ripped and the parts removed I also sent a key to a member on here for a gate that he informs me never arrived in a sealed bag with a return address
    the Royal Mail

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