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    Was out training the dog the other day and this Otter popped out about 10 yds away...
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    Virtutis Gloria Merces

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    Cracking pictures.
    I've seen a few otters on the coast but never inland.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    How lucky are you to have seen that........great pictures
    Enjoy yourself's later than you think !!

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    We find these in the forest sometimes miles from a loch or major river. They just following small drains looking for food and if you sit still they will pass under a metre away from you. You hear them coming before you see them.

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    Cracking photos must be amazing to watch them inthe wild

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    The humble otter, underestimated hunter of a varied number of species. Found in places you would not expect. (Out on the hill) none the less a nice animal to watch.


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    was watching a fox earth with some rabbit holes round about it last week, its in a roundal of hardwood trees maybe about 50yds broad and the same in length when i caught a flash of black moving through the roots and broken branches, it was an otter and about 10 mins later it was followed by 2 more, so i watched them playing for about 15 mins then they headed for a burn about 40yds below them that leads into a duck pond,iv seen a few eels in there so i take it them and the rabbits are what theyd be taking, and reason i was watching the earth was that the farmer had lost 1 lamb and found another one alive bitten round the neck and had went to look at the den to see if it was active and told me hed found fox cub droppings or what he thought was fox cub droppings that turned out to be otter,im in no way saying it was the otters that had bitten the lambs neck or taken the missing one because the bite marks on the living ones neck was far to big for any otter to do, what i am saying is it seems there happy living with or nearby fox or even badger sets

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