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Thread: Reaping the rewards

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    Reaping the rewards

    I spent my day off work in therapy so to speak. I got to unwind by mincing my little hoard of venison from the season past.
    65kg of prime sika and red.
    I reckon i expended more calories today than i would gain by eating it all myself
    Its getting to that time of year when i visit my permissions and say thanks with fist full of burgers and a couple of rabbits.Click image for larger version. 

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    Wow, that's quite a haul, nice work!

    I take it you freeze the offcuts, then unfreeze and mince them in one go at the end of the season? How does that work with not being supposed to freeze twice, unless cooking the meat between? Genuine question, no funny business. I presently mince each animal as I go, but then can't make sausages or burgers unless doing so at the same time. Rather restrictive as I'm sure you can imagine, so very interested to hear of others methods.

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    Yeah i keep all the offcuts, forelegs, neck and so on. I bone them then freeze them without chopping them up, to keep surface area to a minimum.
    I took all this out of the freezer 12 hours previous, so it was still pretty much frozen, but could be cut with a large sharp knife.
    I'm lucky enough to have use of a butchers large mincer so i don't need to cut it into small pieces.
    By the time i had the lot done as seen in the picture the meat was still numbingly cold (I'm still sitting on my hands ☺).
    I put it straight in the freezer and switched onto fastfreeze.
    When it comes to taking the mince or burgers out for defrosting i make sure to use it that day. Then again, i have the constitution of an ass

    Edited to add
    The use of a good friend pays dividends also, paid by the lb rather than the
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    Thank you sir, that's most helpful

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    mince it into a bowl ontop of a bowl of ice tim ,keeps it bloomin freezin so it goes back in as frozen sausages or burgers its safe .and wear gloves so your fingers dont fall off with the cold atb iain

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    Cheers Iain, a little nervous of trying, but certainly better than the additional effort of dealing with every animal.

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