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    Carl Zeiss Jena

    I came across a Carl Zeiss Jena pair of binoculars the other day they were 7x40 B GA. I was a bit surprised at how good they were. Clearly ex military from the second world war I guess, they had no focussing as they were in focus at all times. I've not come across this type before. The picture from close up to a very long way away was sharp and clear.

    Has anyone had any experience of these and what do you call this type of binocular?

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    Auto focus ex German mil spec glass,

    I had some a few years back and sold them of when I was laid of work and had to,raise funds, top glass and worth every penny, I sold mine for around 400"

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    If they're the ones I'm thinking of they are often called "Checkpoint Charlie" binos, as they were Cold War era rather than WW2. They are still made today by Docter (the re-branded Carl Zeiss Jena) and are called the Hubertus Pro Hunting, see: Docter 7x40 B - binoculars specification -

    I had a pair and they were excellent. I only sold them when I upgrade to my Swaro EL's. As you say, they are focus-free, use BaK-4 roof prisms and have rubber armour.

    My only criticism of them would be that the coatings give them a slightly warm "cast", but they are really none the worse for that. Also the pair I used to have had plastic objective covers that clipped over the rubber on the lenses. These covers used to click when you walked along with the objective uncovered, but I got used to them and the deer didn't seem to mind!
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