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Thread: Videoing your shots?

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    Videoing your shots?


    I am interested in videoing some of my rifle shots and was just wondering what cameras other folk use? When the ATN X-Sight first came out I thought that this may just have been the answer to my prayers, as I could use it as a day or night sight and video the shots. However, reading some of the posts regarding these there are obviously problems with these units. Consequently I wont be going down that route anytime soon unless they get them sorted, so I was just wondering what my other options might be? Any suggestions appreciated!

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    I use a go pro on a scope mount.
    not ideal but set to narrow field of view and zoomed in on the software it is useful

    This is wide FOV:

    This is a zoomed narrow FOV:

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    I use a XCEL . Its good but next i'll get a go-pro as mine has no zoom .
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    There are some action cams in aldi at the moment like go pro less than twenty pounds maybe someones got one allready and can review,also there are the adaptors now for you phone to scope but not very sure of shooting deer through a phone screen!!
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    On You Tube there a a few air gun videos filmed through the 'scope as the aim is taken and then the shot. I understand, I saw such a unit at John Knibbs, that it means that the shooter sees his shot on a viewing screen...and NOT from a standard hold as if the device wasn't fitted.

    In my opinion I don't see why a device such as this could not be adapted to take a small camera mounted at 90 degree (where the instructor would be) and then a cable to the actual equipment doing the video capture.

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    Like this video. But I'd imagine that the recoil issue would be a problem with a full bore rifle?

    Here's a daylight video on pigeon. This shows what I mean about the shooter viewing on the screen.

    This is a good opening side view of the gear.

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    Used a Cam on a 6x Raptor dedicated NV scope for a while.
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    Thanks for the input gents. I am really most interested in filming long range shots at small targets through the scope if possible. I have considered the Ward D Nite Vision (as per one of the above vids) as a night vision device and know you can record footage on this - does anyone know if it can be used in daylight like a normal video camera and give decent quality footage?

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