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Thread: Pat Mitchell knifes

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    Pat Mitchell knifes

    Just wondered has anyone come across these knifes, Iv been at the right place at the right time and just picked two up today like new with stamped pat Mitchell Sheffield on them both, Iv googled it but not much info they seem very good quality but Iv alway used moras until now 😉 chers

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    Is this not Stuart Mitchells Dad? I seem to remember the name being mentioned. If so I can only imagine they are very good.

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    Utter rubbish I'll take em off your hands shall we say 5 moras you choose which ones any mora you like
    K regards

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    Lads this is wrong photo

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    That's them fellas

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    The one on the right is a cracking knife for grallocking and dispatching don't think I'll use the other much

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    Thought the first lot looked like Alan wood knives

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