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Thread: First fawn of the year?

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    First fawn of the year?

    I saw a doe looking broody a few days ago and last evening, April 30th, I think I heard fawns calling from two different spots within a hundred yards of where I saw her. How much earlier have fawns been born. I know we have a fairly mild climate down here, I've seen plum blossom buds on December 31st in the past.

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    I found twins in some bracken last year on the 30th of April down in east cornwall they were a few days old.

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    Saw a doe end of last week with last years buck follower still in tow. Saw her again this morning but no follower in sight so she's driven off last years offspring. Don't think it will be long before her new ones are here. Not seen any yet

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    At least you didn't shoot said fawn[s]...unlike over on the first evening cub thread...

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    Saw a Sika calf on Wednesday night. Crap picture
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    Saw a kid on my patch last night .

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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    Saw a kid on my patch last night .
    these goats get everywhere

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    Quote Originally Posted by midge View Post
    these goats get everywhere
    No this kid had a jack Russell with him

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    Saw a doe at 2pm in middle of a grass park with fawn at her feet , few miles outside Crief .
    1st time I've ever seen one so young


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    Does usually start dropping kids about mid April on my ground. First that I know of last year was 12th April

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