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Thread: Viral Haemorrhagic Disease in Rabbits

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    Viral Haemorrhagic Disease in Rabbits

    Has anyone seen cases of VHD in the UK for themselves? I've heard of it spreading in parts of the scottish borders and read on the internet about cases on the south coast.

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    dont know if it was VHD but something wiped out a lot of our local warrens about 3 years ago, where there used to be loads of bunnies there are now none
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    Its meant to go through rabbits like a dose of salts. I assume that because it kills so quickly, it doesnt travel too far as the rabbits are all dead. Dont know then how long the disease stays in the ground (if at all?)

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    Yes, although not officially confirmed as such.
    However, with plenty of experience of rabbit breeding, and with a vet in the family, I'm in no doubt that that's what it was.

    Can be carried very long distances on clothing, footwear etc I believe.

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    I think a farm i shoot over must have has it some years ago, initially the farm was pickled in bunnies, but then you would be lucky to see 2 or 3, no myxy around.
    I think the problem is a myxy outbreak is obvious, but with VHD they mainly die in their burrows from what i understand.

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    Comes through here quite regular now. A few rabbits build up and then they are gone. I find a few but I think most expire to ground. Mixxy then hits the survivors

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    Yes,seen it on one of my permissions,rabbits just seem to vanish:die underground I presume and then warrens left barren.Mixy,in contrast,you see afflicted rabbits/roadkill.Quite comfortable with shooting bunnies as humanely as I can but don't like to see them killed by painful disease.

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    Had it in South Linc's three or four years ago. Found a few rabbits bleeding from nose but dead and the whole lot disappeared in a week. They have now come back in a few small pockets but Myxy still strikes each year.
    We hear a lot about anti's and the Labour party are still very vociferous concerning fieldsports. Considering that Myxy was introduced on their watch and they are quite happy to see rats controlled by poison,which takes a while to kill, and rabbits can still be hunted by dogs they will always be the most hypocritical shower of b......s that ever walked the earth to me.
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    Have seen it on the south coast of England, kills rabbits quickly, no external signs rabbits look to be in good condition, just dead. Rabbits do not seem to be recolonising the area.
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    It's endemic round here and has been here for years. It spreads quickly and soon stops if there is a "no rabbit" boundary. It kills quickly (within 48 hours) and often the first thing you see is no rabbits!

    Over the last couple of years rabbits have been picked up round here, dead with often grass still in their mouths but with no sign of disease, Certainly not mixy and no blood traces as in VHD. Not sure what that's all about. In some areas the rabbits have all but disappeared, I've not seen such a decline in numbers since mixy first arrived.

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