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Thread: Javelin bipod- Sauer 202 ?

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    Javelin bipod- Sauer 202 ?

    Does anyone have any reviews, pro's or con's with using this combination ?

    I've got the sling mounted to the "standard" stud at the front of the fore-end but the fore-end has been modified with an additional QD stud underneath (currently un-used) !

    Think I would go with the LONG option but not sure they have an adaptor that would suit the 202 Elegance !
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    I 'had to have one' to go with my Christensen carbon classic!. After living with it for a while, I think the best description is 'marmite'!. They are extremely light - but can be left at home. The leg extensions work OK - but can be overtravelled, the extension falls out of the main leg and is a fiddle to reassemble - especially if there's a bit of adrenalin about. The swivel arrangement is too 'soft', allowing the legs to turn too easily. It's too easy to find the legs in line with the rifle, instead of at 90'. When attaching the legs to the mount on the rifle, a loudish 'click' is heard when the magnet sets. In my opinion, the legs don't open wide enough to make the rifle really stable. The 'long' option is not long enough to 'see' over heather etc.
    Do I use it much? - yes. It is stable when correctly deployed.
    Would I buy another? - not until some or all of the above shortcomings are addressed.

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    Just the sort of no nonese info I needed - Thank you ! I do wonder if any of those "improvements" are in the pipeline? Great call about leg length on the LONG model.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man View Post
    Mk11 is underway.
    I hope your customers with 'Mk1' will be offered a free upgrade.

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    What are the "Upgrades" and timescale to the MK II introduction?
    Do you know if there is a solution to the Sauer "unusual" front (fore-end) swivel attachment ?

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