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Thread: A bit of an introduction.

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    A bit of an introduction.

    Morning all,
    I've been on here a while but have just noticed the request for an introduction - so here it is.
    I've been shooting all my life, started with rabbits age 11, although now retired (early). I took up shooting again after an invitation to join an established but local small DIY shoot. Since then I have been a member, shoot captain and chairman of a number of shoots. I've reared pheasants, been a part-time keeper and enjoyed trying to help others enjoy a days shooting in all its many facets. I very much enjoy vermin control and have had small calibre rifles for many years and centrefire rifles for more than 10. I have been a member of target clubs (for zeroing) but always enjoyed foxing more. Lately I have taken up stalking but would still regard myself as inexperienced. I have an open .308 for stalking. I have had the joy of being in the 'deer desert', but have also been to Devon and Somerset stalking. I have a greater love for foxing (ATM) and have a new set of digital night vision kit (N870) atop a .17 hornet, to combine all my vermin control into one, day and night setup.
    I'm enjoying the sites videos and contributors who are more 'restrained' than some sites.
    I am a member of the NGO and think our representative organisations with this exception are inadequate in representing both a combined face for shooting and poor value for the individual shooter. Still quite passionate about shooting in general, still keen to learn.
    Not impressed with B******, management speak, 'driving forward' etc. I believe I have earned the right through hard work and experience to have my own opinion but dont set out to offend.

    I suppose I would sum myself up as (I hope) a bit of an informed rebel - a phrase which might describe me in a nutshell would be - "Rules are for the observance of fools and the guidance of wise men."

    Glad to know you !
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    Anyone who owns a Hornet can't be of too bad an opinion, even if it is in the wrong bore diameter so go right at it Kes.

    All the best


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    Good morning
    welcome to the SD

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Thank you all for the welcome.
    KB I was going to try a .22 hornet but a .223 came up first. Its a Remington with a bull barrel and it was my main foxing weapon until I decided to try the small one.
    Its still the weapon of choice when its windy.

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