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Thread: After market triggers.

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    After market triggers.

    I must admit, I have been very happy over the years with standard triggers,but recently having experience of Timney, & last nights bunny bashing using a Riflebasix fitted in the Fireball, How many sight pictures had been lost over all those years?... Landlady was very pleased to be putting Rabbit on the bank holiday menu too. Old dogs & new tricks.
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    They do make a big difference! I have to confess that my favourite is the CG trigger of which I have two. Miles better for me than the Jewell

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    I prefer the cg trigger to the jewell also. I dont like the thin trigger blade on the jewell also

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    I am a great fan of Timny triggers. i put on on my 50 year old 270 Parker Hale. the difference was incredable.

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