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Thread: Kettner 7x65R / 12b Combination Gun

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    Kettner 7x65R / 12b Combination Gun

    Eduard Kettner 7x65R / 12b combination gun

    German-built gun in R/H with 25.5" barrels.

    This is a very nice modern German combination gun in 12g / 7x65R with Roe buck / Red stag engraving on the sideplates, Mouflon engraving on the trigger plate, along with acanthus scroll and has a slightly Bavarian-style walnut stock. It has double triggers and partial ejectors. Condition is generally very good, with one or two safe marks on the stock.

    Comes with an Aimpoint 9000 (2MOA) red dot sight on Apel swing-off mounts and a Simmons 1.5-6x24 scope on a swing-off bridge mount. Both sighting systems have been set-up to properly fit the rifle by Alan Rhone Ltd. of Wrexham.

    The shotgun barrel is choked for Breneke slugs; the gun has seen very little use and is still tight to open. It can come with a set of RCBS dies and some load data if required but shoots both Sellier & Bellot and Geco factory ammunition very well. A superb gun for driven boar, 'monteria' hunts or just a bimble through the woods.

    1,350 including RFD transfer fees.

    RCBS dies available at additional cost.
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    That's a very nice looking gun!
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    Hi adamant,

    Unfortunately I can't justify another rifle at the minute but if you interested splitting and selling the aimpoint separately please PM me.



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    That's a very good deal - shoot a red stag in the morning, a grouse on the way back down, and then a salmon to make up a Macnab - yes you can use a 12 on a salmon - wait for it to jump!!!! I already have a 16/7x65r but these are very useful and more than accurate for any deer with 200yds. And they don't spook the general public.

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    I think it may be possible to buy a telescopic fishing rod insert for the 12 bore barrel.

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    If only I had the spondoolies and the variation!

    7x65 would compliment my 7x64 so well (My 7x64 even likes Geco!)
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    It is a lovely gun - I've got a fair number of S&B once-fired cases and a box of 175gn Nosler Partitions that can go with it too.

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