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Thread: Sako 85 stainless .270 & ASE northstar

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    Sako 85 stainless .270 & ASE northstar

    Hello all,

    Opening this one up to the seemingly infinate wisdom of the forum...

    I'm in the process of acquiring a new rifle, the stainless synthetic Sako 85 in .270 with an ASE northstar moderator, and an S&B 8*56 1" tube Hungarian scope.

    Does anyone have, any experience with this combination, or either the .270 rifle, scope, or mod alone?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated, thank you.

    DC .270

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    I dont have direct experience with this setup however I do own the SAKO 85 Hunter Laminate Stainless in .308, I also own the ASE Jet Z.
    Rest assured on the Sako, they are fine rifles and not fussy with regard to ammo choice. ( this could be, just my experience)
    Again the ASE Jet Z for my money is the best on the market, so I have no doubt the northstar will be great two.

    My advise; JUST GO WITH IT !!!

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    Sako 85

    Make sure you see that model in the flesh first it was my choice last year until I handled one . The stock is toy lile and not a patch on the older models . I managed to get hold of a 75 stainless synthetic in as new condition and it is fantastic .
    As for the Northstar moved to it from a T 8 and don't have any regrets maintenance free ,no bush to mark the barrel etc etc long guarantee.

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    Thanks very much for that... very speedy response too. I've handled the rifle and I found it pretty good really. I've up to now been a bloke for a lump of timber but practically have decided to give sythetic a go for the ease of maintenance. Sako seem like a decent rifle, as you've both said, and the Mod gets your thumbs up... looks like a done deal then!

    Again, thanks for your advice and comments.

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    Have this set up but with a 2.5-10 x 56 Zenith on top and I cant fault it. Everyone has there own opinions and preferances in fit and balance etc but if you have handled it and you feel comfortable with it then thats got to be a good thing, but you cant field test it in the shop which is what will give you the best overall picture.

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    I looked at the Sako 85 but in the end went with a Tikka T3 - just couldn't justify the 60% premium. I now have two Northstar's one for my .223 and one for my .308, they are different threads, of course - great mod's, no more than a squirt of WD40 after use and that's it.

    Can't go wrong with the scope either...

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    I use the scope on my .243 currently - should soon move onto a new 7mm-08 IMHO it is the best alround stalking scope one could buy for the UK. I have never found 8 to little power - nor to much (but most of my shooting is between 35-250m) It holds the last/first light brilliantly. Nothing But praise for it in my camp. In fact I know many people with the scope and nobody has ever had problems with it to my knowledge

    Have fun
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