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Thread: Opportunity for Novice Stalkers

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    Opportunity for Novice Stalkers

    I read time and time again on this forum how difficult it is for people new to deer stalking to get some experience or syndicate membership, so to that end here is an offer for a beginner/novice.

    Minimum 2 weekends a year stalking with me, fully accompanied and instructed so it does not matter your experience level is.

    You will be able to learn

    • How to stalk, field craft etc...
    • Identification (not just species but Yelds, Stags going back etc...)
    • How to Garlloch
    • Lymph nodes and such like inspections
    • Extraction
    • Larder prep
    • Skinning and Butchery
    • And all my bad habits

    Criteria for selection

    • MUST be a beginner/novice
    • FAC with deer authorisation (land is approved)
    • Be able to attend with a couple of weeks notice, the dates are my selection but one period will be in the Red Rut
    • Preference will be given to anyone in the Edinburgh to Aberdeen area on the East coast
    • Pay the £36 yearly syndicate insurance membership, you will be listed as a syndicate member.
    • Will to "muck in" with the normal tasks on the various properties, branch trimming, high seat fixing etc.
    • Should more than one person be selected then one will be highseat , one on foot.

    To preempt some questions

    • How much for this opportunity, nothing (apart from the insurance and your own travel expenses)
    • Can you keep the venison- No
    • How many deer will you shoot - None till i am happy with your shot placement and thereafter you will be limited to Spikers, Stags with poor heads, Yelds.....
    • Can you progress and stalk alone - Yes
    • Can you join the syndicate and stalk when you like after you have gained the experience - Yes, but at that point full syndicate membership costs would be applicable, and all other syndicate members would need to agree.
    • Whats my experience – 36 years of deer management

    So if you are still reading drop me a PM detailing your experience to date, your general location and why you would like this opportunity and i will get back to you.

    Will leave this running for 2 weeks from today to give people time to pick it up.

    I am a sensitive chap, so if there are any issues with the post by the general members please send me a message rather than post on open forum.

    Admin hope i have not broken any rules, this is a not for profit offer.

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    Now thats an opportunity !!

    Nice one Howdah.



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    A very generous offer indeed!

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    Great opportunity. Well done sir.
    Wish there were more people alike across UK.

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    Now thats a fantastic offer for someone to learn everything in one big package that will encompass everything from the field too the larder,well done ,

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    What an amazing offer there howdah, some Lucky novice should jump at the opportunity like that, shame nothing in the Herefordshire area like that wish I was closer .


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    What a brilliant and kind offer. You should be proud of yourself HOWDAH!

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    What a great offer for some one ,pat on the back for you sir!!!

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    What a superb opportunity you are offering. I salute you sir as a true gentleman of the fine art of stalking. There are few higher attributes than someone trying to make things better for the next generation.

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    well done to you, a very kind offer, Davie sds.

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