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Thread: Bl@@dy SD cards!!!

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    Bl@@dy SD cards!!!

    Is it just me?,. ,,,,,!!!

    SD cards for my trail cams .....more first week or so then you remove the card , stick into the laptop , view the pics etc then come to delete them so card empty for use again and can't delete any of the pics or vids....

    This card is write protected but I'll be b@ggered backwards by a pink pig if I can find any option of actually I write protecting it.... Won't even give me option to format



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    Did you look for the little sliding switch on upper corner of card. Many cards have the write protection option controlled by a physical switch

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    Mine I just high light the whole page and press delete....!

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    If it was write protected, how did you manage to get anything onto it?

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    thumb nail on left side of card
    slide the little slide thing up

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    Yep, little black slidey thing on the side. You must have moved it inadvertantly between taking it out of the trail cam and putting it in the reader on t'computer. Else if it was write protected all the time, there would be no pics/movies written to it.

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    Guys.... It's up.... Never been down ..... As for getting stuff on God knows
    It goes on ok but won't give any option to delete files on it.

    Tried highlighting whole page but no delete option or nowt with keyboard delete button.

    Annoying !

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    Post it to me i will delete it got a nice 5lb hammer here lol. AS above check the lock switch.

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    if there was no option to write ,why would they put a lock switch on it!

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    Think this is going to,end up as a satisfying rimmy zeroing exercise

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