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Thread: sending bullets

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    sending bullets

    This might be a silly question ,but can a friend who lives in the USA send bullet heads to a RFD ?

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    The only issue might be us regulations about posting such things.....
    if it's ok for them to post them out of the us they could post them to you direct if you'd prefer (no legal problems here with you to recieve them as long as you don't exceed your limit)

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    I was buying my bullet head from the U.S. but apparently there has been a new law enforced in the U.S that restricts the shipping of bullet heads to international addresses So I have been unable to buy from the U.S, I have been recommended a site called a European company have yet to place an order with them though!!

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    Shooting Supplies About us these folks are excellent !
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    Bullets are now on the ITAR list so he can't send them to anyone unless he has an export license.

    What bullets are you after?, I get mine mainly from Germany or Luxemburg and they're usually cheaper than Shooting Supplies or Alpinhunting.
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    .30 cal

    .270 cal

    I use Google Chrome for that site as it has the option of automatic translation
    There's room for all Gods creatures ........... right next to the mash and gravy

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