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    I've submitted my FAc application a few weeks ago and i've just heard back from the police that they're questioning my calibre choice.

    I opted for the 7x57 as i'll be going after sika and some big reds u in Scotland so wanted something a bit bigger than a .243, or 6.5 x 55mm. My other choice was a .308 but i'm hoping to travel to Europe sometime and i know several countries wont allow you to take these into the country.

    Does anyone feel the 7x57 is too much gun for British deer?

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    Re: 7x57

    Quote Originally Posted by sp4rkman
    Does anyone feel the 7x57 is too much gun for British deer?
    Not at all excellent choice. Explain to your FLO that the 7mm rifle is less powerful than the 7.62mm(.308) and he will only too happy to let you have it, as a lot of the less informed think that bore diameter equates directly to the power of the cartridge.

    You could also point out that the FC used to state a miní of 270 for shooting big woodland red stags (not true any more), but the principle is there that you need a bigger calibre for big stags be it red or sika.

    Best rgds


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    Hi sparkman, the 7x57 is an excellent choice and I used one for several years until the barrel was sh@gged. 140gr partitions felled everything in their path. The police are trying it on with you mate. Just stick by your choice and re-iterate that you have some reds and sika to shoot and you will be surprised at how queickly they back off when they realise you aren't going to. 7X57 is a medium capacity round in the same general bracket as the 308, 7-08 (to which its nearly identical in terms of ballistics) and just behind or about level (depending on bullet choice) with the 30-06 and its derivatives: 25-06, 270, 280 rem etc. Direct them to the guidance table within the home office guidelines if you have to which I'm sure lists 7x57 as described above. The pdf is available online, just put 'firearms home office guidance' or something similar into a search egine and peruse at your leisure.

    Hope that helps


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    thanks for the advice all.

    I've got a friend in South Africa who has shot over 1000 animals with his 7x57 and swears by it. Hence why i went for it.

    Ill stick to my guns (pardon the pun) and fingers crossed it's approved.

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    To carry on from my original post on the 7x57, does anyone have any experience with single shot rifles, especially the Ruger No 1?

    I know you dont get a quick follow up shot and in a cull situation you're quite restricted too, but they do look like lovely rifles. Besides, you should only need one shot anyway...

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    I have a Heym 44B in 7x57, I got it because it is light and convenient to carry round the shoot. In my experience the disadvantage of having only a single shot is more psychological than practical in most cases. Quarry, and in particular, foxes, seldom hang around after the first shot, often running a short distance and stopping briefly. This is often long enough to reload a single shot weapon. However, I would have to say that overall having a instant second shot is probably the best practical option. I got the 44B coz it is a pretty rifle and I couldn't resist!!!! I would not use a single shot ater dark when lamping fox as under these circumstanses more than one shot is ofen needed and quick reloading a single is not easy. (Besides I might scratch the Heym!)

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    I use a single shot rifle and have so far not found the lack of rapid follow up shot a restriction. Also I went boar shooting in France and the guide used a ruger no 1. I guess someone who makes a living out of it should know if a system works or not.

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    I have a 308 - an old cherished rifle. A 25/06 with a moderator, effective and in a T it work fine. and a 7x57. If I didn't cherish the 308 it wouldn't get house room, the 7x57 is gentle, effective on deer and being a long gently tapering cartridge feeds beautifully - don't let them change you mind. Velocities for a similar bullet weight between 308 and 7 x57 will vary more between rifles than between the cartirdges.

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    7x 57

    I would be interested in knowing where you are. My force recently employed a retired officer to do firearms enquiries. he thought a 7 x 57 was a boeing airliner!!! theguy is a menace to the forces reputation, but he is a lot cheaper than i am and the short sighted bosses don't see the damage that will be more expensive in the long run than i am. someone will have to follow him round and fix his cock ups


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    Swampy, i'm based in Hampshire. after my FLO questioned my calbre choice, i phoned him and explained the ballistics and my reasons behind my choice as reccomended by those who replied to my post. He appeared to accept these and is processing my application.

    He feels it shouldnt be an issue and my FAC should be approved. Geez, but i hope so.

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