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Thread: Roe Buck Wanted

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    Roe Buck Wanted

    Hi there, im based in Northants and looking to take a Roe Buck, dont want to pay silly prices, culls bucks are fine. Any recomendations guys ?

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    Try John at Yorkshire roe Stalking, he's always on here, but you'll need to come to Yorkshire, it's Gods own county!

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    I have a few openings for cull bucks, although April is fully booked. Please PM with your details and I will sort out a date for you. Fees are 60 a stalk, and payment of carcase if damaged.

    Area is in West Sussex, not too far from Gatwick and cover 2,700 acres.


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    roe buck

    If you want to advertise your stalking the fee is 10 a month. This post has been removed as the member who posted has not paid the rate or approached Admin.

    The Admin Team
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