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Thread: bugger all

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    bugger all

    Hi all,

    planted my bugger all a few weeks ago now. with the good weather in April and now a bit of rain i've got loads of bugger all growing. Few more weeks and they will get to the point I can start to have bugger all salads.

    If any one wants any I have a surplus... its not to late to plant bugger all. It will grow pretty well until mid summer but after that it goes to seed and becomes a bit "woody". I could collect the seed if your no brave enough to have a go this year...
    Big bloke... but outta shape

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    What sort of quantities are the seeds producing, bugger all or absolutely bugger all?

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    this aint your common run of the mill bugger all. there is loads of bugger all. in fact I will have to mow it soon!
    Big bloke... but outta shape

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    How much do you want for some?
    What sort of discount for quantity?
    What does it taste like?
    How nutritional is it?
    How much do you have to eat before you are full?
    If you boil it in a pan what does it reduce to?
    How much will it enhance your love life?

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    I was really looking for feck all, do you have any of that ?

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    Sorry Ade, I'd love to advise you but I know bugger all about bugger all! One thing that I can say is that if you have a surplus of bugger all then you should charge bugger all for it as there seems to be lots of bugger all about at the moment - Maybe something to do with bugger all sunshine so far this year!

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    Swap you for a pet rock that does bugger all,Do i have too get trade membership if i decide too breed and sell,(the rocks i mean!)i could do the large best in europe type boulders well trained to heel,or your bog standard blackpool rock a bit uncouth but a bit of a go,er,or some of its cousins from fleetwood the pebbles and their young uns just coming up on the mudflats at arnside the grits,
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    ''well there you go !! there,s only one thing to ,,, DO . MIGHT as well ''bugger ''off

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    Quote Originally Posted by AN DU RU FOX View Post
    Swap you for a pet rock that does bugger all
    Would you be interesting in shopping for some "sod all" ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sika98k View Post
    Would you be interesting in shopping for some "sod all" ?
    I allways go shopping for sod all!but i useually come back with sumatt!! or feck all!!

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