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Thread: RWS or Sellior & Bellot 7x65r Brass

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    RWS or Sellior & Bellot 7x65r Brass

    I need to order in some more 7x65r brass. I have been using RWS brass to date and it's given me a good five or six reloads.

    20 RWS cases cost 25.90 Euros from, S&B 11.20 euro for the same number.

    Which to go for? My inclination is to stick with RWS.

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    I recently purchased some once fired S&B 8x57irs cases off a site member. They are O.K. but certainly not the same quality as the RWS cases that I already had. The RWS cases have lasted me well I don't know if the S&B cases will last as long but at the price I paid for them I am sure that I will get my monies worth out of them.
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    Another option might be to buy some RWS factory ammunition? I've some Norma ammunition just now that I'm slowly shooting and then reload the cases. Regards JCS

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    Try looking on

    These are the first two I found, 50 x once fired RWS €19 + shipping
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    The challenge in the UK is that 7x65r is difficult to get hold of and mostly 173gn round nose bullets and 50 a box of 20. I do have one box of 173 round nose that I am going to use up. I also have 15 RWS with 175gn brenneke bullets, loaded hot and that will be used on big reds.

    I am slightly wary of using second hand once fired brass as is it really once fired? Hence looking at new brass and think will keep with RWS.

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    Really, you should sell that silly gun.

    Get a nice .308 with a stainless barrel and a synthetic stock. Far more practical...

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    why only 5-6 firings?
    RWS is hard stuff, get your fired cases annealled (pennies from Taylor on here) and you are good to go

    if you loads are moderate and pressures similar then unless you are over working the brass on reloading you should be able to get a lot more out of them

    some of my norma 270 loads are over 10x

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heym SR20 View Post
    I am slightly wary of using second hand once fired brass as is it really once fired? Hence looking at new brass and think will keep with RWS.
    Close inspection of cases before they are cleaned up will show you if they have been resized - you can see the die marks on the brass.

    If in doubt or after a few sizing cycles - anneal! It is easy to do either by hand, or machine. --FL Size afterwards -- end of concerns!


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    S&B = is known as ***** and billig (rubbish & cheap) in germany.

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