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Thread: first roe with my first rifle

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    first roe with my first rifle

    hi to all,
    i would just like to post my first roe with my own rifle and my first homeload to boot.
    we went out with a few options for a stalk wheather was looking very iffy so we didnt want to sit for hours in a highseat so we went off to a piece of land which was quite open with a riverbank to one side and to our left a couple of fields up a small mature wood with new trees around the outside. now from what i have been seeing these open fields are full with roe which seem to lay up on dyke banks or find small pieces of scrub and come out at dusk. we waited as much as we could before we lost the light and stalked the small wood.we entered the wood with the wind on our side slowly inching our way forward looking all around we came across some very fresh slots it had been showering and these where pronounced so she was in here somewhere. a little further and fresh droppings. the only thing now was had we bounced her or was she still in here as we came to an opening john turned and whispered she should be around here if anywhere and with that she was out in front i pointed slowly and said shes there but john couldnt see for the scrub slowly he moved round as i stood motionless she looked in good condition and not heavily pregnant like what we have been seeing so we watched her for a while so john could check her out all the while she kept coming towards us. at this point john said it was ok for a shot so i set up on the sticks as she dropped into a ditch i lost here for a moment before she emerged out the other side. she kept walking forward all the time between the tree gaurds then she looked straight at me and i thaught that she had sussed us but then turned and carried on. at this point i knew i didnt have long then a few big breaths to stop my heart jumping through my shirt and she paused so i slowly squeezed the trigger and she lept up i was sure it was a good shot but john thaught i might have clipped a branched and asked me to put another in her but then she just slumped back to the floor. after a pause john talked me through the follow up best practice and talked me through the gralloch and then lifted her into the roe sack to leave and then the feeling of relief my first roe and a good clean shot . as we made our way back to the pickup we saw two deer out in the open where we sat earlier and then three more emerging from a dyke we stood and watched them larking around and chasing each other with a heavily pregnant doe barrelling along behind unaware of us .what a fantastic night and now hopefully a buck will follow on all the best,wayneClick image for larger version. 

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    Well done, all the more satisfying when everything comes together, First rifle, homeloads, good write up and pics/film to go with it.


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    Well done indeed. As said by tartinjock a good write up to go with the photo and video. I still remember my first roe... I bet the man next to you could hear your heart beating!

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    well done Wayne mate , smile says it all.

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    Well done that man .Hope its the first of many for you mate...Neil

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    thanks for all the replys ,looking forward to getting out again i have had some exellent stalks with john and learning so much each time all the best,wayne

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    Nice one Wayne, great write up


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    spot on good write up

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    Well done Wayne nice pic/film allways nice to get your first one under the belt.

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    Congratulations Wayne, I enjoyed reading that and watching the film clip.

    There will be no stopping you now.

    Good luck


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