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Thread: My Dog Done Well

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    My Dog Done Well

    Last evening i went to look for a Roe Buck that i have been watching for a while waiting for him to clean his head gear up a bit,I got to the place where he has been feeding on a regular basis.i walked down across the field so that i could hide in the double hedge right angles to where the Buck normally comes out i had to pick this spot as it was a good back stop for a shot if he turned up.And hour went by and it was getting dumpsy then i saw movement right out the other end of the huge field, up with the Bins and there he was but not sticking to the plans as normal.he had come out of the cover in a totally different place than i had seen him before still a safe shot but about 450 yards away, i climbed down from the hedge and made my way towards him staying close to the edge of the wood and using some over hanging Holly trees to mask my approach,i came to a shallow ditch which was handy because i just slid down into it as it was bone dry. i made my way up the ditch but i came to a holt about 150 yards up the ditch as it came to an end and the field started again i ranged the Buck at 209 yards as he stood Broadside on to me and safe down with the Bipod and i zeroed the 25.06 onto the engine room of the Buck, he walked a few steps and stopped to feed again i pulled the trigger and a thud rang out but he took off at a fair speed only to drop 40 yards further down the field i could see him kicking on the ground so i left him and went to get my Truck to pick up the Buck.I drove down to where he had fallen and i could'nt believe my eyes there was no Deer all that was there was a fair pool of blood , i followed the trail to a gap into the cover but it was to dark by now to see under the trees i can only say i was pissed right off

    This morning i went back to look for the Buck i had lost i took my Bedlington Terrier with me not because she has ever tracked a blood trail before but i knew she had a good nose on her and she has been with me when i have shot Deer before so she did know what a Deer was,i never had a lot of hope in finding the Buck as it was a 100 acre plus Wood and it had been drizzling with rain most of the morning but i had to have a go.I walked down to the spot where i saw the Buck drop and there was a fair bit of blood still on the long grass my dogs Demeanor changed straight away and she took off feathering around the field then she went straight to the gap and into the wood, i was calling her normally obedient she was having none of it she kept running back to me and then off again jumping up then nose down and gone back in the wood.I climbed the hedge and got into the wood and called the dog after a few shouts she did come back but only to run the same path as she came up , i walked the same path and called her again and again she reappeared with Deer Hair on her chops, she then ran back again and i followed for about 80 ish yards and sure enough she had found the Buck, i could not praise her enough skill or luck it did'nt matter she had done a good job for me.

    I looked at the Buck and i just could'nt believe how far he had run he was over 150 yards from where he was struck by a 100 grain bullet and about 110 yards down in the i turned the carcase over i could see why he had run so far for i had hit him a bit low only just catching the very bottom of his lung, i was glad i found him and now my Beddy has plenty of Dog food for the year.
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    cracking little dogs well done especially going back to make sure,

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    Well done by your dog, but you should had made sure it was dead before you went to pick up your truck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by martyn52 View Post
    Well done by your dog, but you should had made sure it was dead before you went to pick up your truck.
    Hindsight is a wonderful thing . I would call it another lesson learnt, of all the mistakes I have made whilst stalking
    its because I assumed something and didn't check .Once again it proves how useful a dog is when a deer is lost.Well done the Stalker and his dog.

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    A good honest write up, well done to your dog we all make assumptions and mine are worse at night, cheers Tom

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    Glad to see she is better Owen,well done to her.


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    All turned out good in the end. Well done.

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    Nice write up, and well done to your dog.

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    Waidmannsheil and well done for the dog!

    Another example, why a trained dog should be in reach for every stalker, even if its a short track, leading to a dead creature....

    May I ask and add... What would you have been doing, if your dog wouldnt have found the buck...?

    Hopefully call some support from UKSHA...!

    Atb for the season,

    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    I would have spent most of the day looking for the Carcase with another dog which a mate owns.But as i could'nt get hold of him my Bedlington had a go and it payed off.

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