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Thread: T3 cleaning regime

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    T3 cleaning regime

    Looking for some advice on a cleaning regime for a brand new unfired t3 223 varmint ?? I.e. Fire patch fire patch ect I've removed some manufacturing crud from the bore but it's pisisting down here so no paper shots this morning so I thought I'd gain some info on cleaning

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    if its new just give it a normal clean through as youve done,same here peeing down and miserable did all mine last night so now im doing the dinner bored rigid,

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    I know its a t3 but i go by this . break-in Howa barrels - Howa Rifles UK It all up to the individual as some my say just go and shoot it but I think if you do have any problems if you do not break in the barrel you will wish that you had . break-in Howa barrels - Howa Rifles UK

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    How often would I clean after the run in period ?? I've got rim fires that never get the bores cleaned at all and benefit from it but I can imagine this would not be beneficial to my new centre fire

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    Clean the barrel really well before firing. If the barrel has rough spots or the patch does not go down the bore with a smooth consistent force then I normally put some peek on a patch and give the barrel a polish until smooth. Then zero and shoot. I normally give a new rife a clean after maybe 20 shots to see how much copper the barrel picks up. Then just shoot. My stainless barrels get cleaned less than the normal steel barrels but that is because of our wet climate.

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    I have a T3 in 243 and after about 12 to 15 shots this is what I do.

    1, With a nylon brush dip in Butches Bore Shine and scrub though.
    2, Patch with a jag until dry.
    3, Forrest Foam.
    4, With a nylon brush dip in Butches Bore Shine and scrub though.
    5, Patch through with a jag until clean.

    This works for me and my first shot is as accurate as the last ( thumb hole stuff).

    In terms of running a barrel in I was advise by a very good gun smith that cold hammer forge barrels don't need running in. He said that when they fire the 3 shots at the factory to test and certify its accuracy they don't run it in first. Its just not needed. (controversial on this site I know)

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    Agree with Bryn but never used forest foam but always shot 1, brass brush, patch, shot another for first ten shots on new barrel, then after next five to run in. Then I clean after 15-20 shots and check zero often. Make sure you buy and use a bore guide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fendrover90 View Post
    How often would I clean after the run in period ?? I've got rim fires that never get the bores cleaned at all and benefit from it but I can imagine this would not be beneficial to my new centre fire

    The sceptics out there (with whom I whole heartedly agree) will tell you that the 'running in' of a new barrel was made up by a few barrel makers to get you just that bit closer to needing a new barrel!.. think about it, a match barrel with a useable life of 1,000 rounds... by the time you have put 100 rounds through it running it in, you have used a 10th of its match accurate life up!!!

    Also, the whole apparent point of running in is to get any burrs and rough patches off the lands.... prey tell how a bit of butch's bore shine and a nylon/fossy bronze brush is going to achieve that!?!?!?!?! lapping paste and many hours work maybe and even then!!!!!

    I clean a new barrel back to bare metal when new and then just shoot as normal. My barrels don't get cleaned until the accuracy starts to get a bit iffy.. otherwise, boresnake before I shoot, boresnake after I shoot.. I have a dry one which I use most of the time and I have one where the end has had a quick glimpse of some gun oil on the very last bit.. I use this if the rifle has been out in the wet or if I know I'm not shooting for a while.. I also give the crown a really good clean with an oily rag before I put her in the cabinet.. bear in mind my guns are all kept indoors and the cabinet has dessicants and VP90 pouches in too.

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    I'm one of those skeptics. It's BS. Especially with a Tikka. Sako makes the barrels for Tikka. Why the hell would you want to run in a SAKO barrel?? You're wearing the barrel and wasting ammunition. Clean it out of the box and shoot it. When done, take a patch with a scant drop of oil on it. Push it through the bore, two additional patches, this time dry, and put it up. My T-3's get shot hard and used hard. Sub 1/2 MOA remains the norm depite lack of "run-in".

    Such tripe.~Muir

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    Last time I asked about a shoot in regime for a new rifle the result was

    Buy loads of ammunition and shoot it. So thats what I did and was more than impressed with the Tikka T3

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