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Thread: Hi all from sunny Swadlincote!

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    Hi all from sunny Swadlincote!

    Hi all,

    I've been creeping around for a couple of years (reading, researching, saving etc...) before finally committing and buying my first .308 and starting to reload for it. I'm a member of SRPC and have been for 4 years - I have a 22lr, 17hmr and a very well used Win SX3 Flanigan which I use for PSG. Prior to all this I was in the forces for many years and thought I wouldn't miss shooting, how wrong was I!

    Ultimately I would like to shoot my .308 at greater and greater ranges as my experience grows with both the rifle and reloading. Unfortunately, SRPC only has a 100m max range so I'm on the look out for somewhere I can start to stretch things a bit. Till then I'm happy developing my loads, getting used to the rifle and learning.

    Anyway, thanks for allowing me to join your forum and I hope to be able to contribute and return the favor over time - cheers.

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    Welcome to the site, my old man is a member of the club and can be usually found propping up the coffee machine!

    And yet another 7mm-08 user...

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    There's a lot of coffee machine supporters, myself included when I'm interogating someone for info ☺

    Thanks for the welcome buddy!

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    Any Tikka M55 .308 users on here?

    I've used the search function but can't seem to find much info on this rifle/ caliber combination - I'll start a new thread in the appropriate section and see what turns up.

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    welcome stu check out diggle ranges if you want to push the part of owning a rifle getting a sweet load sorted for it.nice choice in tikka.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    welcome to the forum mate. not far from me

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    Thanks for the welcomes guys!

    I work continental shifts so I cant always get to ranges when everyone else can - does Diggle allow you to "pay as you go" i.e. arrive, pay, shoot - midweek for example?

    I have been using Calton Moor's Tunnel Range but its restricted to 100yds or so (very convenient though and a great facility) as RCO's are not always available at SRPC when I am.

    I dont have land (unfortunately) and dont know anyone who has land I can start to extend my range on. I think Im being realistic with my expectations so want to work up, learn (rifle and reloading), before trying my hand at 200+, 300+ etc, etc... Hopefully one day trying 1000yds with my .308 M55 and "sweeetheart load".

    Cheers in advance for any advice, remarks, pointers.


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    Welcome Stu, I'm mates with Rotwild above , drop me a pm and I may be able to help out with your range issues.

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    Cheers - pm sent mate.

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