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Thread: Syndicate Gun Places on our Walk and Stand Soot with 15 Miles of Inverness

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    Syndicate Gun Places on our Walk and Stand Shoot with 15 Miles of Inverness

    Wee walked up shoot is looking for new members to join us for the 2015/2016 Season. We are within 5 miles of Inverness and shoot on approx. 1000 acres of mixed terrain with very varied shooting!
    Looking for members willing to help out bring this shoot now in its third year on that wee bit more !

    2 Established Pheasant Pens
    6 Partridge Pens
    Normally 300 Pheasants and 400 Partridges put to wood.
    12 Drives and plenty Boundary Shooting plus vermin control
    There will be a one year probationary period to any new guns on acceptance by syndicate
    Preference will be given to applicants with dogs and or a willingness from those that don't, to help out with work party duties etc.
    6 Days work party duties a season.
    There is a fee of 20 Per Day for non dog owning guns so that we can bring in picker ups.
    This shoot has full access via tracks etc and has quads and argo on site for any memebers that need that kind of help to get around!
    We have vacancies for 3 Working Full Guns, shooting 8 Days ,Walk 1 Stand 1
    8 Days Full Gun is 640.00 Per Gun.
    There is vermin control and Deer Stalking outwith this location for paid up guns!

    PM me for more info
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    forgot to add the ratio of shots to kill is at best 1;5which happened once and then on to 1;9 which would be nearer the norm! Plenty of shooting but not to much hitting :-)

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    Hello 'BobdaBob', can I have more information please? High direction from inverness are you in? Wat day of the week do you shoot?

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    hi Ross usually shoot every 3rd Saturday from October onwards and were roughly 6 miles southeast of Inverness. Sent you the shoots email and mobile number for more info

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    Sent you a pm. Thanks

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    Thanks Alan, I'll get back to you later this week. I'm literally just off a week of Nightshift this morning, so I'm heading to bed. Apologies for my previous posts spelling... I must have been half asleep.


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    hi there all ! inundated with pm's for the places we have been looking to fill ! am replying to them as quickly as possible ! thanks:-)

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    I met up with bob today & had a look round the ground (it's fantastic!!) & met a couple of the other guns who were there working on improvements - This is going to be a great shoot & I'm chuffed to be in it! - I'll deffo need to hone my shotgun skills - there are going to be some testing birds for sure!
    Paddy my goldie pup will now be able to fulfill his breeding as a proper gundog. (& I will have to make sure to train him right!)

    SD has come up trumps again!


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