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Thread: New barrel paperwork

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    New barrel paperwork

    I have the opportunity to buy a very shabby 10/22 which I think will make an interesting project. If the barrel is a poor inside as it is outside I will have to replace the barrel, easy to do on a 10/22. How do the logistics and paperwork go when I want to order one - is it an extra FAC slot and FRD transfer?

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    None of the above my friend your chosen RFD will just remove the old barrel and replace it with the new one, no paperwork, FAC slots or anything needed.


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    Thanks Ian, so it still has to come via an RFD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaothead View Post
    Thanks Ian, so it still has to come via an RFD?
    Yes it will unless you buy a barrel blank and chamber it yourself but once chambered you will have two barrels in your possession, in which case you will then need a slot on your FAC for a second 10-22 barrel.
    However if you render the factory barrel unusable, by sectioning the chamber area for instance it is no longer classed as a licensable part.


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