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Thread: Scope for around 250

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    Scope for around 250

    What would be the best second hand scope for around 250, it will be used on .223 for fox, or maybe HMR for rabbits..

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    I got a new nick on for less than 200. It's a good scope that is equally as good as some twice the price

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    hi my burris fulfield 2 on sale section for 150 posted plenty left for ammo

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    got a olivon ranger can see few marks but still in v-good working order ,200 plus pp if you wish was on my RPA .243 fox'r no use for it now.
    think I still have the free rings old pix ? but they were only cheap ones I found in the cave lol Attachment 56148Attachment 56149Attachment 56150

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    I have meopta 7x50 superb under the lamp and top quality it has a few ware marks on the body but the glass is perfect because of the few marks I'm only asking 250 for it pm if you're interested and I can send you some pics

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    I bought Swarovski, Schmidt Bender and Zeiss, all 6x42 and all 250 or less in unmarked used condition.
    You can sell them on later for what you paid for them, so wont 'cost' you at all in the long run.
    Cracking glass.
    I never make the same mistake twice.

    I make it five or six times.

    Just to be sure.

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    My advise would be try and go another 50 mate and look for a schmidt and bender 8x56 you'll pick 1 up for 300 second hand, that's if it's for a 223, don't bother with a 17 either more hassle than their worth

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    Thanks for the input and pm's ,
    think I am going to go up a bit and got for a s&b 8x56 or similar .

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    I've a Swarovski Habicht 8 x 56 Nova (7A reticule, 1" tube) that I was going to trade in against a new scope - 300 + postage. If it is of interest - PM me and I can send you some photos.

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    I have a Minox 4.5-14x44. If you're after rabbits you'll need a little more magnification than 8x.
    Very good value optics. 160

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