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Thread: Good breed for deer.

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    Good breed for deer.

    I'll be looking for a Puppy around Nov this year who will accompany me whilst out stalking.
    Would I be better getting a pure breed GSP or a cross of some kind. Wife doesn't want long hair as it will also be a house pet.


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    Hi Mike

    Im in the same situation as you, and Ive asked both on this site and also good friends and well informed folk who have dogs for deer. I have been advised to go for a labrador as far easier to train if you are just starting out.....please dont bite me other dog breed owners...its just what ive been advised.

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    lads have a chat with john on the site you will find him under he has just put his bitch in pup GSP have a look at some of the videos of his dogs working on deer.

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    A lab is a good choice. My spaniel is not, but would make a better hat....

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    Hi guys hope this helps. I got a lab pup to train for deer and it has so much fun training him and easy. He always looks to please too.


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    Quote Originally Posted by chanonry View Post
    A lab is a good choice. My spaniel is not, but would make a better hat....
    We had spaniels, my dad and I, for years. Never thought of wearing them though!

    My lab is ok at finding dead deer and winding live ones, but she wags her tail so much it can scare deer. She also doesn't bark. Having seen some "proper" deer dogs at work, there is a bit of difference in top end performance.

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    Should have mentioned wife doesn't want a lab. Thinks they are boring. She's probably just a bit snobby as we had a weimaraner last time although she was hopeless with deer but very good with 2 young kids

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    Mike, you know my 3 dogs and you know that my eldest Lab is the dogs (excuse the pun) on deer. But if you can't have a lab then my GWP x Lab is coming on well. A good lab is all you will ever need 99% of the time and easy to train. I got the mongrel because I liked the look of him and fancied a challenge, however, he is proving to be quite easy to train. Must be the lab in him.

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    Saw one of these in my village today,lovely dog and says they are used for deer...

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    Thanks for all the posts. Not quite sure what happened but I have just picked up an 11month old GSP dog. Bit earlier than I was aiming for but I couldn't resist. He is of very good breeding stock mother works with feathered game and dad (who was imported from germany) is a deer dog. Hopefully he'll turn out ok. He's very good with the kids which is a real bonus. Any ideas on good books to aid with the training.

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