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Thread: 60 grn Sierra HP bullets (.224 cal)

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    60 grn Sierra HP bullets (.224 cal)

    I have 300 - 60 grn Sierra HP bullets (.224 cal) Model No 1375.

    I have used these with great accuracy in both 223's and 22.250's.

    They are superb and underrated varminting / foxing bullets.

    38 the lot.


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    Hi I see sierra class these as target bullets for silhouette shooting , does this mean they are postable ? If this is the case I'll have them.
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    Ill take them if pick up is needed, im only in chester, where are you?
    regards James

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    Apologise . I meant to update thread

    They have now been sold to a chap who PM'd me first.

    Thank you for your interest


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